Yunnan Field Trip 2011

In summer of 2011, the Department of Geography and Resource Management (GRM) organized a field trip to Yunnan Province. The study group consists of Prof. Kwai Cheong CHAU, Mr. Kwong Chi LEE and forty undergraduate students, lead by trip leader Prof. Jiang XU and Mr. Hoi Lung LAU as the trip tutor. During the 12 days of the trip (from 30 May to 10 June 2011), we have travelled from Kunming (1,892m) to Dali (1,976 m) to Lijang (2,416m, 4,500m) to Shangri-La (3,348m) for a comprehensive study of a wide range of geographical issues. Students were required to carry out exploratory fieldwork on pre-assigned topics related to the stunning landscape and cultural richness and diversity of Yunnan.

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Trip Objectives

As a required in the curriculum, GRM students have to participate in two overseas field trips, which allow them to broaden their horizon and knowledge base through interactiosn with overseas students and scholars under different disciplines. Moreover, field trips provide platforms for students to plan their own study and develop their research skills.

Four key objectives of this field trip:

(1) to broaden students’ horizons and knowledge bases through exposure to a new environment,
a remote destination in Mainland China;
(2) to understand the landscape, culture, and people of Yunnan;
(3) to have a brief immersion into the trends and impacts of globalization in a remote Chinese province;
(4) to serve as an acid test as to what students have learnt from the discipline.



Academic exchange


Cultural exchange

Study mode and Assessment

Students are encouraged to make early preparations for the trip in order to enhance their learning experience. Each group has to come up with a presentation on a given topic about the geography of Yunnan province. The purpose is to familiarize students with some background information of the place.

During the trip, students were required to pay attention to details and other aspects that will be explained (either by the Professors or tour guides), take notes, take photographs, interview people and get as much information as possible to fulfill their study plan.  

The components of the trip assessment is listed below:

Pre-trip preparation

  • Reference library
  • Group presentation
  • Pre-trip engagement

Trip engagement

  • General (discipline, punctuality, attitude, etc.)
  • Group Presentation
  • Sharing sessions and field engagement (field recording, interaction, etc.)
  • Travel diary

For participation and presentation, there will also be peer assessment.

Individual field trip report

Based on your topic, you may identify a core theme, consolidate your ideas and formulate your arguments in the report. Give a title to the report and provide sub-headings, where appropriate. Avoid putting down any materials that are irrelevant to the core theme. Attention must be paid to the neatness of presentation, accuracy of concept, logical arguments and accurate references.

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