Growth of the Sydney Metropolis

Sydney is the fastest growing city in Australia. To accommodate the increase in population, the spatial extent of Sydney keeps on increasing, resulting in more and more suburbs.

The network of highways and railways, as well as the land value and living conditions in the city center determines the location and pattern of suburbanization. These suburban areas are characterized by the daily commuting by residents to the CBD and other urban areas for work. For this part, students visited four suburbs and suburban settlements:

  • Eastwood: suburb on the rail network with a concentration of ethnic groups
  • Hornsby: middle class agglomeration served by rail and highway
  • Mt. Druitt: a relatively new, self-sufficient suburb on the railway far from the Sydney City Center
  • Manly: Affluent suburb on the seaside, served by public bus and ferry
Figure 1: Students Visiting Hornsby Community Office
Figure 2: Information Board in Mt. Druitt
Figure 3: Clean Up Service in Mt. Druitt
Figure 4: Women Rest Centre in Hornsby




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