Coastal geomorphology and coastal management
  • Trip to Port Philip Bay and Mornington Peninsula
Trip to Port Philip Bay and Mornington Peninsula
Mornington Peninsula is the most popular informal recreational area in Victoria. The Shire is a boot-shaped promontory separating two contrasting bays: the Port Phillip and Western Port Bays. Mornington Peninsula contains a diversity of scenic landscapes and is almost surrounded by the sea, with coastal boundaries of over 190 kilometres.
Figure 1: Coastal Scene of Port Philip Bay
Figure 2: Prof. Chen and Students, Photo Taken during Coast Visit
Guided by Dr. Stephenson, the study group visited Port Philip Bay to see coastal features of both natural and artificial beaches. The group also studied management methods and maintenance practices.
On the artificial beach visited, students observed a high degree of maintenance. The area had educational facilities such as information boards. In addition, the fees collected from a car park built near the beach contribute to foreshore improvement, including mordialloc foreshore revegetation and seawall construction. In addition, there are special rules for dogs on the beach.
Figure 3: The Artificial Beach in Port Philip Bay
Figure 4: Education Board on the Beach
Figure 5: Seawall
Figure 6: Carpark Fees Contribute to Foreshore Improvement
The purpose of visiting the natural beach was to see its erosional features. The cliffs were highly eroded so that special features were created; unconsolidated rock features could be easily found. Therefore, authorities made special protection to prevent rock collapse.
Figure 7: Special Rules for Dogs on the Beach
Figure 8: Students on Natural Beach
Figure 9: The Beach was Heavily Eroded
Figure 10: Close-up of Unconsolidated Rocks Figure 11: Students Walk on the Breakwater

The group also visited a breakwater in Port Philip Bay; students could see how its construction minimizes the effects of wave energy.




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